FRINGE REVIEW – Jason Byrne, Assembly Hall


5-30 Aug  2100 (2200)  @ Assembly Hall

By Sandra

True to form, Jason Byrne has his audience captivated within seconds and at his beck and call working them  ‘ out ‘  to his advantage!  Members of the audience quickly become familiar friends and remain part of the show throughout – Mr South Africa and the young Edinburgh posh boys on the night I attended.
Effortlessly he connects two sides of the world and varying generations, the sunny southern hemisphere with the cold chilly summers of the northern hemisphere.  Within no time we are soaking up his childhood memories of the chilly northern seas on stay-cations.  Jason’s re enactments of the scenes are hilarious with the audience in tears, suffering from a severe case of belly-ache. The vivid memories of the cold lashing sea….., scar a child such as Jason for life.  How things have changed from then to the current modern digital generation.
Jason, links the audience with his life and extracts a lot of humor from his childhood which is well documented photographically.  The Ginger Ronnie kid at number 33, how superior his brother and sister appeared.  Looking back at life in more innocent times, oh how it can be misconstrued.  The evidence of past creates a hilarious story that many in the audience can relate to.
In true Jason style he touches on married life, kids and growing older.  To be successful in life is to remember your la las & yum yums.  The things a woman has to do to get her man to do DIY!
A fantastic show interacting the audience and pulling in life relating topics that the audience can all relate to.  I highly recommend that you see Jason if you can.

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