FRINGE REVIEW – Jack L, A Month of Mondays


2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Aug, 2200 (2310) @ The Famous Spiegel Tent

There are Fringe favourites who return, like clockwork, every year, and whose fans eagerly await their chance to buy their annual tickets. In a world where this is true, it seems a travesty that there is even space for a humble reviewer (who had never heard of Jack Lukeman until this month) to attend this gig. With only five performances at the Famous Spiegeltent this month, Jack L’s “Month of Mondays” should have long ago sold out.

Stalking round the Spiegel Tent like a deranged elf, Jack L oozes a unique blend of menace and charisma. The woman swoon, the men sigh: this is what cool looks like. And indeed sounds like- Lukeman’s voice fills every corner of the Famous Spiegel Tent, wrapping his audience in a swirl of silken sound til they sit, hypnotised in the face of this most elegant aural assault.

In this state of rapture, the audience are powerless to resist Jack L’s requests. When we are asked to clap, we clap. When Lukeman urges us to let loose any primal noise lurking in our depths as part of the chorus, we wail and stamp our feet and scream ourselves hoarse. When Lukeman bids his audience to gather close so he can whisper the secret of life, every member of the audience and the bar staff press forward to the centre of the tent, surrounding the singer who is perched on a chair. When the show finishes, we stumble into the rainy night, slightly stunned at what we have witnessed, knowing we have been part of something very special indeed.

It is to this reviewer’s eternal shame that Jack Lukeman has stayed under her radar until now, but the good news is that he still has one more Monday left at the Spiegel Tent, and there is still a chance to close your Fringe with this most magnetic and talented of performers. Buy your tickets now, if there is any justice in the world they will not be easy to come by in future.

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