FRINGE REVIEW – Harlekin, Pleasance


4-30 Aug (not 9, 16, 23), 1300 (1420) @ Pleasance

Derevo have been favourites since they first appeared on the Fringe with “La Divina Commedia”  back in 2002. It is safe to say that if you are interested in physical theatre you are likely to be aware of them, and their reputation is well deserved.

Technically, Harlekin is flawless. The performers are breathtaking, the marriage between music and movement is impeccable, the lighting is perfect, the costumes and makeup are excellent. The overall effect is stunning.

There are, however, some small niggles. Although the overall narrative of lost and unrequited love can be followed, the meaning of some of the set pieces remains largely unclear. Too, the pacing is very slow in parts – deliberately so, but it does lead to the production feeling a bit on the long side.

However any minor issues will do little to dissuade fans. Derevo are widely recognised as masters of their genre and rightly so, this is as professional a production as you are likely to see on the Fringe or indeed anywhere else.

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