FRINGE REVIEW – Fred MacAulay, Live Stand Up


 Aug 20 2000 (2100), Aug 21 2330 (0000)  @ Venue 150

You could take your mum to see Fred MacAulay; he’s a safe pair of hands with his audience mainly being followers from his daily Radio Scotland programme.  If you think he’s funny on the radio then you’ll think he’s funny live.  If you don’t – you won’t be surprised.
Fred is regarded as one of Scotland’s most consistent and funny stand-up comedians; sadly he didn’t live up to expectations.  He failed to warm up the crowd or himself.  He’s been playing the fringe for over 20 years and so have some of his jokes. Many of his lines sounded familiar and few sounded fresh, but most of the audience seemed happy to get what they expected.
Typically his show revolved round politics, the Scots, their love of drink, charity events, airlines, celebrities and home life. He said he hated celebrities then told us he had his own radio show, had been on Mock the Week and had been on the Craig Ferguson show in LA.  It seems Fred MacAulay wants to be a celebrity – Get me out of here!

Unfortunately Fred appeared preoccupied throughout the show, checking his watch often and finishing under the hour with no possibility of an encore; perhaps it was an off colour night for him.

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