FRINGE REVIEW – Five Guys Named Moe


9 – 29 Aug (not 27)  1715  @  Udderbelly McEwan Hall

“Five guys” celebrates its 20th anniversary with this production which features the creator and west end superstar Clarke Peters as Nomax.  The story is based around a downtrodden character, Nomax, who has just been kicked out by his woman and turns to his radio and booze for comfort….until the Five Moes appear and teach him a thing or two!   The McEwan Hall is a fitting venue to set off a large west end based production.  The show is an amalgamation of dance, the jazz music of Louis Jordan, comedy and fun.  The score provides many big jazz numbers including “Early in the Morning” and “Choo, Choo, Ch’Boogie”.
It is an honour to witness Clarke Peters at the Edinburgh Fringe and he truly lives up to his reputation with a stunning performance as Nomax.   The same could not really be said for the Moe characters.  It felt as if the Moes took a while to truly warm up, nevertheless there were some fun and well synchronised dance routines.  Know Moe provided the greatest entertainment value out of the “Moes” and also an impressive tap routine.  It has to be said that Clarke Peters stole the show but who could complain about that.
At least 25% of the audience gave this rendition a standing ovation so for an hour and a half of fun jazz based entertainment this is a winner.  The 6 band orchestra is impressive and there are some nice added touches like their swaying dance.  Good Fun!

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