FRINGE REVIEW – Felicity Ward Reads From The Book Of Moron


Until 30th Aug (not 23)  1845 (1945) @ Gilded Balloon

By Sophie Hodges

Felicity Ward is a very funny Aussie comic who debuted in Edinburgh last year with the character-based comedy show Ugly as a Child.

This year she returns with a stripped back stand-up show, as self-depreciating as ever, this time about her experiences being a moron. But Ward is no moron, she has an original, kooky, comedic perspective on life and a knack of making you want to hang out with her, even though she just told you that she once pretended to be a disabled kid to avoid paying for her train ticket! Nice.

In this show, Ward’s cringe-worth stories start off a little shaky but build to a confident stream of, as she would put it, ‘comedy gold’. While Ward promises to crack you up this year, I like her old show better than her new show.

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