FRINGE REVIEW – Feels Good To Be Live – Something Relevant (Universal Arts)


25 – 29 August
2230-2330, Universal Arts

Something Relevant

Something Relevant

At first, a couple of people get up on their feet, dancing to the feel-good rhythms and infectious grooves. Before long, nearly all of the audience are out of their seats, lost in Something Relevant’s smooth and upbeat music, as the seven-piece band from Mumbai continue their hugely enjoyable set.

By the end, even the photographer at the back of the venue is up at the front; awarded a ‘Feels Good 2B Live’ gold medal, invited to say a few words and is dancing – rather awkwardly, it has to be said * – with the rest.

Something Relevant are a young and charismatic outfit, with an impressive collection of funk, rock, pop, soul and hip-hop in their brightly-coloured music box.

From the outset, their percussion and sax-driven vibe lights up the darkness of the Mysterious Theatre with bright rays of Indian sunshine, with strong and smooth vocals from the impressively buoyant frontman.

After a couple of numbers, they’re joined onstage by a guest member on trombone, and by then Something Relevant are going at things full-speed, each number delighting the crowd.

Even after 14 peformances, these lads look as though they’re having the time of their lives at the Fringe, and their irrepressible mood and mischievous charms are hard to resist.

With only five shows left before they head back home, Something Relevant’s hot feel-good beats are well worth catching before the Fringe is over.

Ticket information is available on the Universal Arts website.

* Reviewed – and photographed – by Keith D

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