FRINGE REVIEW – Fascinating Aïda: Pearls Before Wine (Assembly George Street)


Apparently Fascinating

6 – 14 Aug
1925 (2025) @ Assembly George Street

Fasincating Aida

Fascinating Aida (photo credit: Fourth Eye Photography)

Aïda’s 25th Anniversary tour spanned three years due to popular demand – it is easy to see why. The group’s latest show combines wit, social commentary, downright filth and, in the midst of satirical and ribald humour, a 5-star moment of incredible poignancy centred round a table.

Dillie Keane, founder member, delivers lines beautifully whether singing or speaking, whether tossing them away with understatement or throwing them in with panache. Long-standing member
Adèle Anderson, who co-writes with Ms. Keane, effortlessly commands accents, presence and rich tones, while soprano Liza Pulman – relatively new to the group – soars in sparkling, flirtatious form. As well as being fine singers, all three are obviously accomplished actresses, bringing their sophisticated, dirty, heartfelt and satirical lyrics to splendid spicy life.

For variety is the spice of life and these ladies’ lives are piquant indeed: topics range from clothing to euthanasia, supermarket supremacy to dogging, cheap flights to climate change, and beyond. Whether articulating a patter song, educating on folk traditions, serenading the intricate workings of the financial market, rousing a blasphemous gospel number, or suddenly changing pace with a beautifully haunting melody, Fascinating Aïda entertains, stimulates, shocks and moves in saucy measure. Long may Aïda fascinate!

Ticket information available on the Assembly website.

Review by Danielle Farrow

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