FRINGE REVIEW – Falling from Trees, Zoo


6-14 Aug, 1430 (1500) @ Zoo Roxy

Inspired by the research of Oliver Sachs, this is an ambitious dance piece set in a psychiatric hospital, exploring the mind of a patient. It is currently garnering much praise for its subtle, sensitive portrayal of mental illness. For this reviewer however, it seemed to tread a well-travelled path of stereotypes from the patient being force-fed medication to the stern, sometimes brutal nurses.

The execution is impeccable, with the four dancers all magnetic, beautifully fluid presences onstage.The choreography is powerful and effective, combining balletic movement with more contemporary dance and featuring a varied combination of ensemble pieces, duets and solo work.

With no dialogue, this show relies entirely on dance to convey its message, and this may prove a little obscure to the uninitiated. However, as an expressionist piece of dance, it is difficult to fault..

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