FRINGE REVIEW – Fabulous Female A-Capella, In the Pink


15-30 August 16:45 (17:30) @ C Venues

This show is exactly as billed – a vivacious group of lovely girls sing in close harmony to produce a most enjoyable entertainment.

All of the performers are current students at Oxford University, and have carried on a tradition now built up over the last six years of bringing a sparkling show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  Dressed in black dresses with a simple pink ribbon to unify their costumes, the girls run through a wide variety of songs – from Michael Jackson to Paolo Nutini, with a smattering of Stealer’s Wheel and T-Rex for good measure.  And just in case the boys were feeling left out, one unsuspecting audience member was recruited to be serenaded with Neil Sedaka’s “Breaking up is Hard to Do” – but as far as audience participation goes, we suspect that it was no hardship to be surrounded by these lovely girls.

The choreography was excellent and the girls looked like they were having really good fun and enjoying the thrill of performing, although admitting to ‘first night nerves’ a little when they talked briefly in-between numbers.

One audience member told our reviewers that this was the third A-Capella group he had seen today, and his 47th Fringe show (so far).  Unfortunately we haven’t seen the others ourselves to compare and contrast, but if you like this musical genre, we are sure you will enjoy ‘In the Pink’.  Our only criticism was that at 45 minutes the show is a little short, as we were enjoying it so much and could quite easily have listened to more.

If you’ve really enjoyed the show too you can buy the latest CD for £7 or bundled with the previous release for £10.

Added comments by Helen (12) “I was amazed at how all the girls produced the different sounds and notes all at the same time”

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