FRINGE REVIEW – Experimentalista


5-29 Aug (not 18, 25), 2050 (2140) @ Sweet Grassmarket

To say this show is intimate would be an understatement. The venue is scarcely larger than a living room, Susanna MacDonald is already noodling away on the keyboard as her audience enter, and the blonde in the back row who invites people to sit wherever they like turns out to be dancer Gilda Lily who soon joins Susanna onstage. This informal feeling carries through to onstage banter between the performers and a few exchanges with the audience.
When the show starts in earnest it is obvious that, casual though this performance may be, there is nothing amateur about the talent here. Susanna is obviously a skilled musician, singer and songwriter and the meaning of the show’s title becomes clear as she plays with sounds, building up songs step by step with layering of different sounds recorded on the spot to create a rich aural landscape.
The collaborations between Susanna and Gilda Lily are particularly strong – there is obviously a great rapport between the two women and it always feels they are working together with neither discipline overshadowing the other. In particular, the song “Insomniatic” is a perfect marriage between a haunting piece of music and a visually stunning, sensual dance.
There were a few minor hitches in this opening night but the raw talent is here to turn out something really special with a few more performances under their belts

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