FRINGE REVIEW – Dr Bunhead is Volcano Head


19-30 August 11:00 (12:00) @ C Plaza, George Square

By the McNaughton family review team

If you’ve come to visit Edinburgh and heard the One O’clock Gun go off and thought “that’s a bit quiet”, then this is the show for you!  Right from the start Dr Bunhead will have you jumping off your seat as he explodes a huge variety of different things to great dramatic effect.

If you want your youngsters to see a show that will make them enthusiastic about science, then this is the show for them. 

Signs on the way in to the show warn “This show contains loud bangs, explosions and smoke effects.  Not advised for small children.”  The warning sign is correct.  Suitable for ages 5 and up.

We’ve seen Dr Bunhead before, so knew a little of what we were in for and were delighted to be allowed to review his show and recommend him as one of the ‘must see’ events for kids at the Edinburgh Fringe.

He is most entertaining, and as we saw the show on the first day the added confusion of some of the effects not quite being on cue added an extra level of excitement and suspense to an already adrenalin-filled hour.  The biggest surprise was that with all the smoke, flames and explosions no fire alarms were set off.  Dr Bunhead presents this show on his own, with the occasional assistance from his lab assistant.  The stage is set with a table containing all the equipment needed to carry out a series of experiments, and there is a web-cam for close up details which are projected onto a back screen on the stage.  There’s lots of lively action and interesting commentary, and even experiments which you are encouraged to try again at home – and some which you definitely should not!

If you wait to meet Dr Bunhead after the show, you can even pick up a flier which has an experiment to try with simple equipment (and your parents’ permission of course).

It’s just a pity that his show is starting at precisely the time when lots of Edinburgh children are returning to school after the holidays – so if you can’t get there through the week, make it along at the weekends.  It’s on every day until 30 August – provided Dr Bunhead hasn’t exhausted Edinburgh’s supplies of liquid nitrogen by then.

Our Edinburgh Spotlight review guidelines for 5-star reviews are met in full by this excellent ‘must see again’ show.  We’ll be putting this in our diaries for next year too.

Added comments by Helen (12): I wish all science at school was like that.

Added comments by Alex (8): If you like explosions and experiments see this! I particularly liked the liquid nitrogen – it looks like water, but it’s not.


Dr Bunhead and our reviewers

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