FRINGE REVIEW – Dinner for One, Hill Street Theatre


5 – 30 Aug (not 10, 17, 24), 1350 (1405) & 1430 (1445) @ Hill Street Theatre

By Danielle Farrow

Dinner for One is a charming vignette, an aperitif at only 15 minutes long, a ‘do’ from an earlier age, bringing a 60s film classic to the stage.
The audience is treated to controlled physical humour and a comic touch which manages to be both innocent and knowing. One is invited to enjoy a microscopic view of the world of an elderly lady and her similarly aged butler, James. It is time to enjoy their dinner  ‘procedure’ in celebration of her birthday, as Miss Sophie makes the most of entertaining a few gentlemen friends.
Performances could possibly be a little tighter and pushed even further in detailed execution, particularly with deeper involvement and enjoyment from the lady (whose hair colouring is somewhat strange!), but the piece is well presented and produced, the butler acquits himself in fine fashion (if slightly short-sleeved), and there is a grand stately feel and sound: the classical music and lovingly prepared dinner setting please from the moment one enters.
The Dinnerforone – Onstage group proffers a delightful jewel in Remarkable Arts’ Hill Street display.

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