FRINGE REVIEW – Cirque de Légume (Gilded Balloon)


The premise of this show is as straightforward as the name suggests: two clowns enact a variety of standard circus acts using nothing more than vegetables as props.

The costumes are simple and the stage is bare apart from one chair. There is some use of music and lighting to create an atmosphere, but mostly it is down to the performers.

Luckily, these two are gifted clowns who have the audience in the palms of their hands within moments of their entrance. The dialogue is minimal but the actors are masters at characterisation and use their voices, facial expressions, body language, mime – and of course vegetables – to great effect.

The audience was a mix of children and adults but for the duration of this show there seemed to be little difference as everyone roared with laughter and dodged flying veg.

This is nonsense of the most enjoyable kind and frankly the only person one could imagine these clowns not winning over is the poor staffer who has to clean the stage afterwards!

4-30 Aug (not 16)
1430 (1530) @ Gilded Balloon

Ticket information is on the Gilded Balloon website.

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