FRINGE REVIEW – CBBC’s Dan and Jeff, Potted Panto


4 – 29 August (not 18, 25) 1450 (1600)    @  Pleasance Courtyard

By family review team, Susan McNaughton, Helen (12) and Alex (8)

Dan & Jeff may already be familiar to you as presenters on the BBC children’s channel, CBBC.

Billed as a children’s show, even the adults were laughing uproariously as Dan and Jeff got into their stride in the latest of the ‘Potted’ series. If you loved Potted Potter (all seven Harry Potter books in one hour) or Potted Pirates (all you need to know to be a pirate), you’ll love this too.

We were already enjoying the show before it began as Dan came out to do a walk about and meet the audience and our intrepid mini-reviewers were lucky enough to have their photograph taken with him. Adults in the audience commented on what a friendly thing that was to do.

If you’ve ever been to a pantomime, you’ll know how the audience is encouraged to participate (oh yes we do!) and if you haven’t, then Dan and Jeff will explain it all to you.

The idea is to present a speedy review of lots of the most popular Christmas pantomimes, with Dan and Jeff performing many quick changes to portray all the main characters to great comic effect.  All the great pantomimes were included, so hopefully you’ll see your favourite one in there.  Even if you don’t like pantomimes, don’t let this put you off as Dan and Jeff are so funny no matter what their subject.

The stage management was spot on – with so many props having to be found in the right places to ensure that the comic timing worked.

Without giving the game away, we enjoyed the 3-D part of the show where we all got to join in.

Alex (8 years old) said “it was really, really funny and my face was aching with laughter”
Helen (12 years old) said “Mum, you were an embarrassment, you laughed so much”
Susan said “if you don’t have kids of your own, offer to take some along for a friend – a great excuse to remember how it feels to laugh at innocent silliness”

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