FRINGE REVIEW – Carnivale, Unwish


Until 30 August, 2200, 2330 @ C Soco

By Emily P

Ladies and Gentlemen – Dinner is served…
Take your seats at the candlelit dinner table of Mr Alfred Wilde. Over the course of the meal your host and his guests – the cream of the bright young things – will entertain and amuse you with their scintillating conversation. When the discussion takes a sinister turn you will all be implicated in the debauchery.
This kind of intimate immersive theatre – restricted by necessity to a limited audience – is a rare treat and although necessarily limited in budget this company do a great job. From the moment you enter the studio space in C Soco to sit at the table – lit by the most flattering kind of candlelight – served by the suitably discreet domestics.
The experience is what is on offer here – and although not actually lavish one is genuinely
The plot is slight making the dénouement obvious from very early on. The dialogue often sparkles with help from some delightful acting from Ryan Lane and Emily Spooner in particular. The plot – a mash-up of Hitchcock’s Rope, An Inspector Calls and The Picture of Dorian Grey – is a great platform for the concept. It could be a lot more fun than it already is if the script went less for self-important gothic and instead allowed the camp humour of the scenario to be celebrated. In moments I felt like I was in a scene from a nightmarish take on Jeeves and Wooster – which is no bad thing in this reviewer’s book.
Larks in the dark – recommended (more Ham please!)

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