FRINGE REVIEW – Busting Out, Assembly


5- 29 Aug (Not 16th) 18.50 – 20.00    @  Assembly George Street

Raucous, naughty, human…just some of the words that come to mind after experiencing the energetic, dynamic and ‘boobilicious’ female duo, Emma Powell and Bev Killick in  Busting Out, the musical comedy cabaret burlesque first seen at the Melbourne international Comedy Festival which explores and celebrates womens’ bodies and more specifically, boobs; in all their glory, with creativity, warmth, and in-your-face cheeky humour.
The sense of audience participation is made clear from the moment we sit down, the large video screen on stage showing members of the audience: which immediately gets lots of waves and cheers from enthusiastic members up for a bit of fun.  This, together with the girls’ props box and changing screens for the myriad of personas and props which only serve to accentuate the duo’s dirty sense of humour – don’t detract from the real subject: breasts and female bodies of all shapes and sizes  – in a roller-coaster ride of humour, song and dance, and things a girl never thought possible she could do with her boobs – for the next hour. 
The first-night audience was female in the majority and wide-ranging in ages, ranging from teenagers with mums, (16+ might be more appropriate than the recommended 14+) noisy, enthusiastic twenty-some-things to 60 plus but with a brave minority of males, who proved more than willing to bow to the duo’s audience participation requests, many of whom were laughing louder and longer than the women in the audience.

The show’s strengths lie in the creative and entertaining way in which Emma and Bev successfully connect with their audience, and the engagingly silly musical numbers (from disco to rap to gospel) which can’t fail to encourage giggles.  This is not a show for the prudish or faint-hearted but definitely one for a girls’ night out or if you are in need of some good old dirty laughs with friends. 

Life-affirming and guaranteed to put a smile on your face, “Busting Out” will ensure that you never think of a nip of whisky in the same way again!

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