FRINGE REVIEW – Best of the Fest daytime, Assembly


10 – 20 Aug, 1420 hrs @ Assembly Princes Street Gardens

Best of the Fest Daytime is a new show advertised as “a daytime version” of the infamous Best of Fest comedy show and as such is given a universal rating.  This new show is certainly not for the young, unless you are happy for them to be subjected to extensive swearing and inappropriate subject matter.  The compere on the day of review was Carl Donnelly and one of the greatest laughs came from the mother of a 13 year old in the audience who on being asked by Carl “do you mind the swearing?” responded “we’re from Glasgow!”
The Aussie trio Tripod, with their unusual approach to musical comedy, were warmly received by the full house.  The unique and mismatched look of these three guys sets off their style of humour and they play on this to maximum effect.  The Tripods show at assembly is entitled Tripod Versus the Dragon, focusing on the geeky world of Dungeons and Dragons.  Also, Julien Cottereau provided mime action with accompanying sound effects.

Well worth a ticket to give you a taster of the Fringe and encourage you to see the full-length shows.

Our Julien Cottereau review can be found here.

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