FRINGE REVIEW – Belt Up’s Lorca Is Dead (C Soco)


11 – 30 August (not 25)
2100-2215, C Soco

Lorca is Dead

Lorca is Dead (photo credit: FourthEye Photography)

In Lorca is Dead, the young and innovative Belt Up Theatre company not only successfully conjure up the spirits of the early 20th-century Surrealists, but of the likes of Monty Python as well.

Set in the salon of the Paris-based movement as the members gather to remember their deceased colleague Lorca, the piece emphasises the absurd nature of Surrealism in a performance which is funny, clever and immersive.

We are therefore treated to movement founder Breton struggling to understand the Belgian painter Magritte’s thick accent; or to Spanish artist Dali proudly proclaiming “I am surrealism” whilst dressed in his underpants. All of which is performed in Belt Up’s ever-changing House Above installation venue, which the cast make full use of.

Audience interaction also features strongly – from the moment we enter, encouraged to make an animal noise of our choice, to some even more off-the-wall moments during the action itself.

Amidst the chaos and absurdity, there are however moments of pathos and emotion, particularly in those scenes which deal with the nature of Lorca’s passing, and the passionate conflicts between the artists themselves. These are well-handled by the uniformly-impressive young cast, who succeed in carrying the piece to a satisfyingly surreal conclusion.

Belt Up therefore succeed yet again in an entertainingly unique and provoking production which shows they are able to turn their hands to any genre they choose. And Surrealism, with its boundary-defying ethos and ‘anything is art’ manifesto, is as fitting a box as any in which to place this exciting and innovative company.

Ticket information is available on the Fringe website.

Review by Keith D

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