FRINGE REVIEW – be-dom, Udderbelly


5-30 Aug (not 16) 1400 (1500) @ Udderbelly

They have performed for 35,000 in stadium concerts, starred in TV adverts and opened the Eurovision Song Contest, but be-dom are first-timers to the Edinburgh Fringe.  This Portuguese percussion-mad group use alternative materials for producing music and sound – such as barrels, bottles and cans as well as the human body.  With an amazing sense of rhythm and timing this Portuguese sextuplet impress the audience in their afternoon slot at the  Udderbelly cow.

The crowd are presented with a huge white curtain and shadows behind – but the  beats begin before be-dom are revealed.  Toe-tapping sounds set the scene for the rest of the hour and their contagious smiles spread to the audience.

These boys are more than percussionists.  Immaculate timing and energy pour out of their bodies as they swiftly move from one number to another.   Silly costumes and comedy capers are present and cause all ages of the audience to giggle.  The clever use of the simple finger-click is a recurring theme throughout the show and in one scene, the boys have an extremely complicated game of pass-the-bucket which was mesmerizing to watch and was a highlight of the show.

Over all  the show was a crowd-pleasing performance with friendly audience participation which demonstrates it’s a little more complicated than it looks since be-dom perform it perfectly.  The finale is most certainly unique and contributes you leaving the venue with a smile on your face.

Be-dom can be compared to the successful Stomp in many ways – but definitely have the refreshing comedic element to their show and well worth a look.  An excellent family friendly show, with no language barrier and suitable for all ages.

You can check out be-dom’s myspace and their website.

This review covers two adults and one child’s view of the performance.

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