FRINGE REVIEW – Base Elements, Dancebase


11-22 Aug, times vary @ Dance Base

Base Elements consists of several short solo pieces. The show opens with Liquid Gold, a sensual work of incredibly smooth, fluid movements which sees dancer and choreographer Lucy Suggate transformed through a mesmerising dance performed in a shimmering golden catsuit with a solidly contemporary, funk-influenced style.
Lucy Suggate also closes the show with a piece so different from Liquid Gold that it is at first unclear whether it is even the same dancer. Latin Beach is a technically skilled yet comical exploration of the disparities between the childhood dream of being a dancer and the rather harsher adult reality and, combined with Liquid Gold, showcases a performer with a truly impressive range.
Between these two pieces we have a second dancer/choreographer, Jody Sperling, with Elements of Loie Fuller. In five separate pieces inspired by the elements of earth, water, wind, fire and ether, Sperling gives us her take on the classic serpentine dance. It is unusual enough to see this dance done at all, let alone with the skill with which is performed here, where the performer also has sufficient space to give full rein to the 100 yards of silk in her costume.
The lighting is also superb, making light and shade an integral part of the work, particularly in Sperling’s first piece. This is a mesmerising, spectacular display of dance that one could easily watch again and again. It is the very antithesis of the modern elegance of Liquid Gold and together these two dancers take in an impressively diverse range of styles.
This show offers a straight dance performance without the theatrical elements of some of Dance Base’s other offerings, which means it may not be as enticing on paper, particularly to those without a dance background. However, a decision to attend this show will be well rewarded with what must be one of the most hypnotically beautiful works on the Fringe.

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