FRINGE REVIEW – Are You There?


6-30 Aug (not 11, 17, 25), 1700 (1810) @ Zoo Roxy

Francisco and Anna are just settling into their new house, which they seem to share with an anarchic spirit called Fergus. It is all surprisingly amicable, although Fergus tries their patience from time to time.

If this sounds a little like a wacky new sitcom, you wouldn’t be far wrong. Are You There? is a comic play exploring grief and loss. It’s a clever treatment of a universal subject, and the premise offers some interesting possibilities.

Unfortunately something is missing here. For the straightforward script to work, the performers must be able to convey the complex emotions at the heart of their relationship. But unfortunately this production comes across as a little flat, with an over-reliance on what is quite simple dialogue to communicate the characters’ depth of feeling.

Not a bad show, just not a great one either.

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