FRINGE REVIEW – Accelerate (C Soco)


14 – 30 Aug
1635-1425, C Soco

Accelerate is a new production from young contemporary dance company Pure Dance. In it, they present a trio of physical and expressive pieces in the small space of Studio 1 in C Soco.

Empty Shadows is the most emotional and lyrical of the pieces, filled with graceful movement and measured choreography. The two other pieces – Explain Yourself and Accelerate – are faster paced and more physical, allowing the four female dancers to demonstrate their energy and athleticism.

Movement and choreography are well-performed, and the girls’ abilities to fall effortlessly to the floor then continue with the routines is impressive. There are some slight timing and synchronisation issues, but on the whole the trilogy of works is presented well and varied in its execution.

The venue works against them a little, presenting visibility issues to those seated nearer the back. Those nearer the front are treated to a personal, expressive and physically-impressive experience however, and Pure Dance’s Fringe debut is an enjoyable performance of youthful and athletic contemporary dance.

Ticket information is available on the Fringe website.

Review by Keith D

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