FRINGE REVIEW – A Corner of the Ocean (Underbelly)


Four women’s lives are touched by news reports of a missing man. Lost in nostalgia, masking their fears and insecurities, hoping against the odds, terrified of their anger – this play explores the faces we show the world and what happens when the masks slips and we begin to unravel.

The set is striking – small domestic spaces defined by flooring and random furniture, with a simple backdrop of a single wallpapered panel festooned with Christmas cards and random notes. The players come and go, sharing the spaces without awareness of each other as they act out their own personal stories.

Live music adds an atmospheric touch and the a capella songs work well. The standard of acting is also high, although the categorisation of the show as physical theatre seems slightly misleading and the advertised puppetry is an enjoyable but small part of the production.

Overall a fine examination of the darker emotional undercurrents of everyday life.

5-29 Aug (not 16)
1735 (1835) @ Underbelly Cowgate

Ticket information is available on the Underbelly website.

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