FRINGE REVIEW -120 Birds, Dancebase


11-22 Aug, times vary @ Dance Base

Named after Anna Pavlova’s personal aviary, 120 Birds tells the tongue-in-cheek story of the international tours of a 1920s dance company. The backdrop of period film clips and stunning vintage fashion add extra layers of visual interest and ensure the even for those with no dance background this is a hugely enjoyable show.
The dancing is by and large quite contemporary, but cleverly incorporates Charleston, Tango and Waltz elements to give a flavour of the era without going down the route of a full-on period piece. There is something for everyone here, with some more traditional ballroom dancing combined with quirkier and more contemporary group pieces, and they work well across the board.
There were a few technical faults at this particular performance – timing slightly off in places, a few flubbed lines, a swirl of chiffon skirt caught momentarily on a high heel  – but even taking this into account, this was a vibrant and immediately accessible show that sits equally well as dance or theatre.

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