FRINGE – Keith’s Editor’s Award 2010

Circus Burlesque

Circus Burlesque

There were many shows at this year’s Fringe which featured – or claimed to feature – burlesque.

Lola LaBelle and her House of Burlesque promised much with their Fringe debut show – based on the seven deadly sins and claiming to be a captivating and energetic hour of ‘razzle-dazzly’ entertainment.

Circus Burlesque not only lived up to those promises, it also featured some of the most beautifully-realised routines I’d ever seen, with Lola herself putting in a performance that resonated with an emotional power seldom seen in such a genre.

This was burlesque in its purest form, with performers and routines that had a classic, timeless quality.

Yes, there was bawdy humour and partial nudity (prompting the performers to stage a protest against some unfair criticism partway through its run), but the House of Burlesque retained its taste and its dignity in what proved to be a highlight of the Fringe.

For all that and more, it gets my

Edinburgh Spotlight Editor's Best of the Fringe 2010 Award

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