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FRINGE – Edinburgh Spotlight Best Music Award 2010

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This year’s Fringe had a fantastic selection of musical acts, ranging from rock, soul and pop, through to some exotic and exciting world & traditional music.

Choosing three proved to be a difficult task indeed – and we therefore would like to give honourable mentions to Something Relevant from Mumbai, Ariul from South Korea and the fresh-faced charm of The Ukulele Project.

But, in the end, our nominations are:

  • The Magnets – supplying a unique take on a wide range of music these six talented men kept the audience engaged with their incredible talent, style, wit and general banter. Incredible entertainment from start to finish!
  • Jack L’s A Month of Mondays – a stunning performance at the Famous Spiegeltent from the epitome of cool, Jack L’s show was spellbinding
  • Camille O’Sullivan’s Chameleon – returning with a brand new set of perfectly-picked covers, Camille cast her spell over Fringe audiences with her enchanting and beguiling voice. Even pins were too bewitched to drop during her captivating show, which was a definite highlight of this year’s Fringe

And the winner is…

Jack L’s A Month Of Mondays

How Jack L is not already a Fringe legend is beyond us. For the duration of his set, the audience fall completely under Lukeman’s spell and one can’t help but feel thrilled by the discovery of such a huge talent in such an unassuming show. If there is any justice in the world, tickets for Jack L will be at an absolute premium next time he graces us with a Fringe appearance.

He therefore is awarded our

Edinburgh Spotlight Best Music Award 2010

Edinburgh Spotlight Best Music Award 2010

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7 Responses to “FRINGE – Edinburgh Spotlight Best Music Award 2010”

  1. mary cullen says:

    Glad Edinburgh has discovered Jack.An unbelievable talent.

  2. Stace says:

    Brilliant well done Jack

  3. Marc Sutton says:

    Totally deserved award…the guy is total CLASS and world domination only awaits for his timing

  4. A Roy says:

    Brilliant!!! Totally well deserved!!!! His show was amazing… as he always is!!!! :-D

  5. Anne Hoctor says:

    Nobody puts heart and soul into his performances like Jack. So glad Fringe have recognised his supreme talent.

  6. Jack L Devotee NL says:

    WELL DESERVED. this was Jack’s 3rd appearance at the Fringe. third time lucky indeed. But we are lucky to be able to see such a fantastic REAL musician who manages to connect with his audience in a magical way. Am I a fan? You bet, for 10 years now. The guy just gets better and better! I told him he must come to CELTIC CONNECTIONS festival in Glasgow next year. The band was superb too.

  7. Anne-Marie McD says:

    Have been a big fan of Jack’s for 8-9 years. I didn’t make the ‘Month of Mondays’ shows but have travelled over to his shows on 2 other years. Congratulations Jack on winning this award – glad to see that many others are experiencing the magic :)

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