Monthly Archives: August 2010

FRINGE REVIEW – Matt Tiller’s Awkward Situation


By the end of musical comedian Matt Tiller’s series of Awkward Situations, you feel like you’d be welcome to pop round his home (or his parents’ guest house) for a cup of tea and a biscuit. Such is his likeable charm and personable style, which starts as soon as he greets everyone personally walking into […]

FRINGE REVIEW – A Fool’s Audition, C central

22-29 Aug, 1215 (1300) @ C central, North Bridge By Danielle Farrow In a somewhat medieval setting, a would-be Fool auditions for a King who is bored with dealing – or avoiding dealing – with opposing Saracen forces, and who is in the habit of rejecting job applicants by beheading them (along with his wives). […]

FRINGE REVIEW – Teddy and Topsy, C


4-30 Aug, 1615 (1715) @ C, Chambers Street By Danielle Farrow Against a backdrop designed by theatre designer Edward Gordon Craig, Anna-Marie Paraskeva is Isadora Duncan, dressed in her iconic Grecian manner, dancing – with shadows cast – in her style, and living childishly, sensuously, coquettishly, demandingly and tenderly through her writings, mostly letters written […]

REVIEW – Will Self, Edinburgh Book Festival

Will Self’s weapon of choice is his inimitably erudite vocabulary: he is unashamed to let loose multi-syllabled salvos into his writing – and into the audience at this entertaining and characteristically acerbic event at the Book Festival. Reading three passages from his recent fictionalised travelogue “Walking To Hollywood”, Self strode around the platform unaccompanied, spitting […]

FRINGE – Keith’s Editor’s Award 2010

There were many shows at this year’s Fringe which featured – or claimed to feature – burlesque. Lola LaBelle and her House of Burlesque promised much with their Fringe debut show – based on the seven deadly sins and claiming to be a captivating and energetic hour of ‘razzle-dazzly’ entertainment. Circus Burlesque not only lived […]

FRINGE – Alison’s Editor’s Award 2010

Oompah Brass I have seen many fabulous shows this year, but one show stood out for me above all the others – Oompah Brass, The A to Z of Oompah.  My pink highlighter sought out the listing as soon as I had the programme in my hands and I caught Oompah Brass  the first weekend. I fell in love […]

FRINGE – Best Venue Award 2010

With nearly 400 venues ranging from tiny spaces in the back rooms of pubs to huge auditoriums capable of seating hundreds of people, it sometimes seems as though everywhere in Edinburgh is turned into a Fringe venue in August. Some in particular manage to capture the spirit of the Fringe perfectly; as well as being […]

FRINGE – Edinburgh Spotlight Best Newcomer Award 2010

Each year, certain performers and companies visit Edinburgh for their first time, full of hopes and dreams of making it big. Some fail, some succeed – all of them help to make the Fringe that wonderful thing it is: a showcase of new and emerging talent where stars of the future are born. In recognition […]

FRINGE – Edinburgh Spotlight Best Music Award 2010

This year’s Fringe had a fantastic selection of musical acts, ranging from rock, soul and pop, through to some exotic and exciting world & traditional music. Choosing three proved to be a difficult task indeed – and we therefore would like to give honourable mentions to Something Relevant from Mumbai, Ariul from South Korea and […]