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Victoria Street

I absolutely love the exterior of Maison Bleue in Victoria Street and yesterday I walked past it yet again and realised I had never eaten there.  My Australian friend and I peered into the window at lunchtime and saw that they had a two course lunch offer for £7.90 which appealed to us right away.   

We had to sit in a seperate area whilst we were waited to be seated in the main restaurant.  I asked if I could use the bathroom and questioned where it was.  The response?  A finger pointing skywards.  I assumed this meant upstairs, but I had to go to the second floor before I found the ladies. 

When I returned, we were seated, weren’t asked if the table suited us.  My dining partner had to use his napkin to put a stop to the table wobbling and the menu was delivered to our table without any acknowledgement.  Not exactly a warm welcome, but we were hungry and persevered, even smiling at one of the two waitresses who served us, so that she knew we were friendly diners.   

Nothing.  No smile.  

I ordered a 175ml glass of Sauvignon Blanc at £4.75 and requested iced water.  The wine came and so did the water, but not iced.  It was served at room temperature and with no lemon like the neighbouring table.  I can live without lemon, but on a day of 21 degrees, I needed a cool drink.   

I accidentally knocked my butter knife on the floor and my hand clashed with the waitresses as we both went to pick it up.  I apologised for dropping it and asked for another, but it never came.  We couldn’t work out what the ambiance was supposed to be as music ranged from the Stone Roses to tango music. 

Lunchtime menu

We were given complimentary bread which was beautifully fresh and waited for our starter.  My partner had ordered the mozzarella salad and I had plumped for the haggis balls and clap shot.   

Both were flavoursome and hit the mark for a starter and we thought we had chosen well with the quality of food offered at this time.   

Haggis and clapshot

For the main course, I had opted for the spinach and goat’s cheese risotto whilst my dining partner chose the lamb patties with cous cous.   

It seemed to take an eternity for our main course to arrive, but in reality, it was 27 minutes according to the timer on my camera.  The neighbouring table received an apology from the waitress for the time their mains were taking, but we still hadn’t been acknowledged or asked if everything was to our satisfaction.   

Where's the cous cous?

Our dishes were presented to us, but not a bon appetit to be heard.  The risotto was not to my personal taste, the cheese was over powering, but the quality was there.  The lamb patties had been char-grilled to within an inch of their life and tasted like ‘burgers’ according to my friend.  The cous cous failed to come with the meal and we couldn’t catch the attention of the waitress for her to solve the riddle of where it was.   

We asked for the bill and only then, the waitress asked us how our meal was and when we pointed out that we had no cous cous, she looked at us with disbelief.  No apology, but she came back with the bill and said she’d taken 10% off.   

We left the money on the table and exited the restaurant without a goodbye from the staff.  The building may be aesthetically pleasing on the eye, but the interior atmosphere and service leaves something to be desired and that’s before I get started on missing cous cous. 

I won’t be back.   

Suitable for disabled?  There is one door on Victoria Street that is on the ground level restaurant, but it was marked ‘do not use’.  Otherwise, you enter through the other door and have a few steps up to the restaurant.  Bathrooms on the second floor.   

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