REVIEW – Frequent visits to Patisserie Jacob, Gorgie


We have previously reviewed Patisserie Jacob and you can read our findings here.

I love a good bakery and as part of my work (vital component of my job description) is to thoroughly check that the food establishments we have awarded our ‘recommended’ award to – continue to come up to scratch.

I take this aspect of my work very seriously and felt the need to visit Patisserie Jacob twice this week as a kind of ‘spot check’.  I paid a visit last Tuesday with guests from out of town to stock up on Jacob goodies for a picnic.  We bought sourdough bread, spinach and feta pasties, a quiche and a small vegetable pizza.  For dessert we purchased a raspberry danish, a chocolate croissant and an apple and custard tart, all for around £7.50.

We were on the end of some very envious looks amongst fellow picnickers in Perthshire and a dog was not amused at the absence of leftover crumbs from our table.

Raspberry, pear and almond tart

Saturday saw me conveniently (on purpose) in the Gorgie area again, this time to stock up for Saturday lunch at home.  Beautifully fresh baked rolls, a chicken curry pie and a beef pasty were purchased alongside the  pièce de résistance of pear and raspberry tart and their Belgian double chocolate cake.  I protected the baked goodies with my life in the windy conditions – as I transported them through the streets of Edinburgh to my home.

Chocolate heaven from Patisserie Jacob

The savoury dishes were heated gently in the oven and wolfed down quickly to enable us to get to the stars of the show.  I was shaking with excitement as I divided the two cakes pictured (in my favour, 60/40) and not a word passed my lips as I savoured a piece of the tart, a piece of cake and then both at the same time.  I don’t know if chef Jacob would approve of the mixing of cakes, but it sure worked for me.

Exceptional quality is what you get with the baked goods from Jacob, at exceedingly good value prices.  All the products I have tried (and there’s been a few) have hit the mark and I will continue to get my cakey-fill in Gorgie.  Patisserie Jacob continues to be highly recommended from us, but rest assured, I will keep checking on the quality for our readers – it is after all, part of my job.

You can now purchase Patisserie Jacob goodies at Cafe Montagu at Goldenacre and more recently at Fredericks Coffee House in the town centre.

Suitable for disabled? Yes, the bakery is on ground level.

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