REVIEW – Drew McAdam, An Evening of MindPlay




By Sophia Brennert

“Are you sure you don’t want to swap with me?“ says Mentalist Drew McAdam, extending an envelope containing a £50 note to an audience member.  “But I’m telling you the money is in here. Please swap with me!” Yet still the man resists, clutching his own sealed enveloped instead.  This is just one part of Drew McAdam’s Mindplay, a magic show without any bunnies pulled from hats or cheap slight of hand, rather it is a demonstration of Drew’s remarkable ability to manipulate the subconscious of his audience, leaving them baffled yet smiling at the end.

You cannot lie to Drew. A shrug of the shoulder, the way you cast your eyes or manoeuvre your weight from one foot to the other, tells him all he needs. Having spent years in the business of interrogation, Drew knows every trick to throw you off guard, until your body language reads like an open book.  He makes no secret of his skills, going so far as to demonstrate how creative imagery and storytelling can resemble almost supernatural mental powers. But drawing our attention to how our own minds have tricked us doesn’t make it any less fantastic.

Drew McAdam’s nightly MindPlay  runs at 7pm nightly until Saturday United Augustine Church, George IV Bridge.  Tickets from The Hub or online.  

Drew also featured in our recent article covering a seance at Mary King’s Close.  


Suitable for disabled?  Yes, venue is completely accessible

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