REVIEW – Colin McLeod, I Know, Augustine Church


Colin McLeod

Colin McLeod is a rising star in the mind reading world and he has achieved so much for someone the tender age of 23.  Hailed as the new Derren Brown, Colin has travelled the world performing his show, but the Edinburgh International Magic Festival sees him return to Edinburgh,  giving people a rare opportunity to experience his skills, live.  

My friend and I were intrigued to see Colin in action and were not disappointed as we took our seats at Augustine United Church this evening.  A short video of the mystical man welcomed us to his show and the first ‘demonstration’ began.    

Colin was confident on stage, with genuinely funny gags linking his show together.  With a forensic scientist background, his ability to read body language and people’s minds was evident from the start.  Randomly picking audience members to assist him led to gasps of astonishment  as he mystified the audience again and again. 

I don’t want to give away any ‘spoilers’ to the show, but I was particularly impressed when he got one audience member to read another’s mind and unlock a padlock combination.  In fact, I was amazed at every aspect of this show – as were the rest of the audience. 

Colin has a clear ability to predict what people will say and do which was demonstrated in front of my own eyes and will have you convinced he can actually see what people are thinking.  I just don’t know how he does it, but will be pondering his possible methods for a long time to come. 

Verdict?  Colin is an excellent performer and his routine was slick, skillful and utterly compelling.  

Suitable for ages 12+    


Colin McLeod, I Know runs nightly until Saturday at 8.30pm,  United Augustine Church, George IV Bridge.  Tickets from The Hub or online.  


Colin also featured in our recent feature covering a seance at Mary King’s Close.  


Suitable for disabled?  Yes, venue is completely accessible 

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