FRINGE PREVIEW – The Pantry Shelf

5th-30th August
12.45-1.40pm, Sweet Grassmarket

The Pantry Shelf

The Pantry Shelf

There is one play at the Fringe this year which dares to provide an answer to that age-old question which has puzzled scholars, philosophers – and chefs – throughout the ages…

Can porridge fall in love?

The Pantry Shelf at the Sweet Grassmarket flings opens the door on the hidden and complex goings-on inside your food cupboard.

Queenie – the Quinoa, Date and Bark Bar – is a new ingredient thrust into the pantry, where she quickly learns her branding as a healthy snack is not everything it claims to be.

Five actors in giant foam costumes portray everything from a sexy bar of dark chocolate to a bag of Scots porridge oats in this new satirical comedy from Edinburgh-based husband and wife duo Marion Shortt and Mark Prebble.

Marion and Mark – Team M&M – met in New Zealand in 2004, then relocated to Edinburgh in 2008 to further their scriptwriting and production careers – and also to fulfil their desire to put on a show at the Fringe.

After having produced last year’s independently-funded play In Transit at The GRV, Team M&M are now set to realise their dream and soon their incredible edibles will be adding a colourful touch of satirical humour and fun to Edinburgh’s mix.

You can buy tickets for The Pantry Shelf on the Fringe website.
You can check out more information about the show on the Team M&M website.

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