FRINGE PREVIEW – Pale Moon by Cathartic Connections

Pale Moon

Pale Moon

16th to 21st August, 7.30-8.30pm
Diverse Attractions

With the huge number of companies who descend on the city from elsewhere during August, it’s sometimes easy to forget Edinburgh has a thriving fringe theatre scene all year round.

One of the newest Edinburgh-based theatre companies – Cathartic Connections – debut their show Pale Moon at this year’s Fringe.

Written and directed by local playwright and performer Andy Henry, Pale Moon is set in a dystopian world twenty years after the fall of the world economy. Rat-like businessmen run the world and hold onto the scarce supply of money. Neighbours Buck and Arth struggle to survive in this climate, ordinary people trying to cope against extraordinary circumstance.

This powerful and physical piece features a cast of five and examines how people react and change when money has all but vanished.

An opportunity to sample some home-grown theatre amongst the huge worldwide choice available at the Fringe, Pale Moon looks to be well worth checking out.

You can buy tickets for Pale Moon on the Fringe website.

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