FRINGE PREVIEW – Matt Tiller’s Awkward Situation

Aug 7th-29th (not the 17th) 4.55-5.55pm
Just The Tonic at the Caves (venue 88)

Matt Tiller's Awkward Situation

Matt Tiller's Awkward Situation

Of all the different types of comedy, one of the most enduringly popular is where a daring young stand-up tells tales of embarrassment so excruciating that your toes curl up and rip through your socks.

Matt Tiller is one such comedian, and wishes to regale you with his experiences in Matt Tiller’s Awkward Situation, including the point he realises the girl he’s been wooing is racist; unsavoury advances from lorry drivers whilst hitch-hiking; and romantic mishaps involving false teeth.

The ‘geekish likeability’ of this musical comedian has won over audiences since his Fringe debut in 2003, and has seen him perform at all of the UK’s top comedy festivals.

With his Awkward Situation, he’ll have you groaning, cringing and – of course – laughing at his stories – all of which he assures us are absolutely true!

Tickets are available on the Fringe website.

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