FRINGE PREVIEW – Alexis Dubus: A Surprisingly Tasteful Show About Nudity (The Tron)

August 6th – 30th (not 18th)
5-6pm, The Tron

Alexis Dubus

Alexis Dubus

Last year, the ‘Stephen Fry of filth’ Alexis Dubus lifted the lid on the taboo of rude words with his hit show A R*ddy Brief History of Swearing.

This year, he’s set to lift a lot more with A Surprisingly Tasteful Show About Nudity at The Tron.

The award-winning comic tries to inject his shows with more than just stand-up gags, using information, anecdotes, historical facts as well as jokes to both inform and entertain the audience.

A regular on the UK and world comedy circuit, this is Alexis’ second solo show at Edinburgh, and he took a little time out to tell us more.

Tell us a little bit about your show – where’s it happening, what’s it about, why should people come to see it?

My show’s called “A Surprisingly Tasteful Show About Nudity,” it’s on at The Tron, and it’s a follow-up to last year’s show about the history of swearing.

You should come and see it to learn a bit, enjoy The Tron’s air-conditioning system, and appreciate the economic use of nob gags.

What do you think the best things about the Edinburgh Fringe are?

The bizarre stuff that you wouldn’t see anywhere else, and the camaraderie between acts, knowing we’ll all be a bit broken by the end of it, whether the shows are going well or not.

What changes have you seen – good or bad – over the years?

Well I’m starting to recede a bit, and my mouth sometimes let out an unexpected noise when I bend to pick something up.

Where are your favourite places in the city?

I do like to do a bit of an Arthur’s Seat climb once a Fringe, and Princes Street Gardens are a great place to grab a nap when a sunny day rears its head.

I think I’ve had some good times at the Penny Black around 6am, but I’m not really able to go into any detail there I’m afraid.

Nope, still nothing.

What’s the strangest or funniest thing that’s happened to you at the Fringe?

I was booked to do a set as part of a show by some avant-garde Long Island comedy group. The two acts before me were a midget in a nappy riding a hobby-horse, and a ‘vomiting Pope’ act.

You just can’t follow that with observational comedy.

Describe, if you can, your ‘average’ Edinburgh Fringe day…

Get up, have late lunch, do promotional gig, go to see show and realise it’s their day off, do promotional gig, pie, do own show, go to see show and realise the run’s finished, do promotional gig, get caught in almighty rainstorm and realise I left umbrella at first gig, try to meet mate at random location, fail to find it, go to see show, pie, do second show, do late-night show, do later-night show, pie.

Throw in some alcohol in between all of the above.

If money was no object, what publicity stunt would you do to promote your show?

A machine that projects my show title onto rainbows, so that every time it rains and is then vaguely sunny, it would show up in the sky. I reckon I’d get a lot of usage out of it.

Who else are you planning or hoping to see?

Daniel Kitson, Emo Phillips, Jeremy Lion, Stewart Lee, anything the Invisible Dot are involved with…

What do you have planned after the Fringe?

I’m heading out to the Nevada Desert. True story.

Sum up your show in three words for us?

Laughy, learny, lovely

Complete this joke for us: “A man walks into a Fringe show…”

…and says ‘well this isn’t my preconceived idea of comedy. I’m going to sit here with my arms crossed frowning for an hour. I’m only here because Stewart Lee was sold out.’

You can buy tickets for Alexis’ show on the Fringe website.

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