FRINGE PHOTOS – The Royal Mile (2008)

More photos from the archives – this time capturing the colour and energy of 2008’s Fringe on the Royal Mile.


"Jump!" - the ubiquitous Drum Cat


"Songbird" - Felicity Redman performing outside St Giles


"Dreadlocked" - Member of The Aluminium Show

"Better red"

"Better red" - peformers from the Mudfire theatre company

"We're a happy family"

"We're a happy Family" - South Korean group advertising their show

"Come up to the lab"

"Come up to the lab"

"Got a light?"

"Got a light?" - performer from the Amy Whitehouse Experience

"Terrible Infants" - members of Les Enfants Terribles theatre group

Konnichi wa

"Konnichi wa" - performer from Japanese samurai sword show

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