FRINGE INTERVIEW – Various Princesses and Fairies – Princess Cabaret & Fairy Fail

Last year at the Fringe, it seemed like you couldn’t turn a corner – or visit your Twitter stream – without bumping into a Disney Princess.

Princess Cabaret

Princess Cabaret

The ubiquitous girls from Princess Cabaret tapped into the power of social media, appearing on the front cover of The Scotsman and playing at the EdTwinge party as a result – as well as putting on a hugely successful hour of comedy and songs at the Gilded Balloon every evening.

Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine (@JasCabaret to her Twitter friends)

This year, the Princesses return to Edinburgh, where they not only bring back their modern take on the lives and loves of Ariel, Cinders, Snow White and the rest; but also debut a new children-friendly show, Fairy Fail.

We caught up with the girls as they prepare to bring their slice of magic and fairy dust to the Fringe once again.

What adventures have the Princesses had since appearing at Edinburgh last year?

In between ruling our kingdoms and chatting with friendly forest creatures we’ve performed at 2 major Australian festivals – the World’s Funniest Island Festival and the Sydney Comedy Festival.

Princess Cabaret took the #edfringe Twitter world by storm last year – how much of this was planned – or did it come as a surprise?

Well we’d hoped that it would be effective as a way of spreading Princessy love, but we were still pleasantly surprised by the opportunity to perform at fun events like the Twinge Party!

Will you be doing similar this year, or do you have something else planned?

The Princesses will indeed be returning to their twitter posts. We have a few surprise tricks up our silk sleeves too, but you’ll have to wait until August to find out about those!

Princess Aurora wakes up at last year's Fringe

Princess Aurora wakes up at last year's Fringe

What did the Princesses enjoy most about Edinburgh last year; and what are they looking forward to most about coming back?

Well, Aurora slept through most of the festival so we’re hoping we can perk her up with a coffee from our favourite breakfast spot Elephants & Bagels.

Ariel was a big fan of the weather in Edinburgh- people complain about the rain but for a mermaid, it’s perfection.

Cinderella loved our venue The Gilded Balloon- her step-sisters kept her away from the Castle and the Balloon is the next best thing.

Belle‘s Beast is a big fan of animal rights, so she likes to frequent Susie’s Wholefood Diner for their delicious vegan fare.

Snow White and the dwarves took daily walks up to the top of Arthur’s Seat- though Tinkerbell preferred to fly up.

And Jasmine is looking forward to getting back to the Mile every day and checking out the street performers.

Can we expect some new delightful ditties and whimsical stories from Princess Cabaret this year? If so, can you give us any details?

Well we’re not sure if you’ve heard, but as of this year there’s a brand new Princess- the lovely Tiana. She’s a little shy, but we’re hoping to bring her along for the ride. So she may bring a couple of stories of her own!

Brownilocks from Fairy Fail

Brownilocks from Fairy Fail

Tell us a little more about your other show, Fairy Fail…

Fairy Fail is an original kids show about Brownilocks, Goldilocks’ lesser known little sister.

When she is unexpectedly sent off on a mission to find her sister, she meets the other residents of Fairyfail – including The Big Bad Wolf, Rumpelstiltskin, Hansel & Gretel and many others- and discovers they don’t quite live up to their reputations.

How do the Fairies and Princesses get on with each other – is there any rivalry or competition here?

The Princesses haven’t been too keen on Brownilocks- they tend to be a little jealous of new girls on the scene.

But Tinkerbell has been acting as a liaison and we think they’ll be fine.

Thank you for your time – we look forward to the Princesses and Fairies arriving in Edinburgh by land, sea and magic carpet – any last words or messages for our readers before you bring your sprinkling of fairy dust and magic to Edinburgh?

We can’t wait to see you all there- make sure to come and say hi to any Princesses you see roaming around town.

And until then, you can follow us on twitter- @ArielCabaret, @AuroraCabaret, @BelleCabaret, @CindersCabaret, @JasCabaret, @SWCabaret, @TinkCabaret – and @Tumbletwigs.

You can order tickets for Princess Cabaret and Fairy Fail on The Gilded Balloon’s website.

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