FRINGE INTERVIEW – The Ukulele Project

The Ukulele Project

The Ukulele Project

“This is a whole new thing for us and we’re looking forward to it immensely!”

It’s refreshing to hear such enthusiasm and optimism from a Fringe act.

Perhaps that’s understandable: this musical foursome are debuting their show at Edinburgh and have only been together for six months…and they’re barely out of school.

The Ukulele Project are four young musicians with a shared passion for the instrument of choice of the cabaret set.

Two girls – Steph and Oli – and two boys – Marcus and Pete, they specialise in taking tunes old and new and treating them to the signature sound of the uke.

Today, Steph is telling us a little bit more about her band and their forthcoming Edinburgh visit.

“We’d all been playing together separately,” she says, recalling the birth of the Project. “It was a hobby at first, though we were all really enthusiastic about the ukulele.”

“Marcus had the idea of getting together as a band, and we’ve taken things from there.”

The Ukulele Project’s show sounds as though it will be an original and joyful delight, as the four strum their way through a collection of audience-pleasing tunes – everything from Elgar to Lady Gaga; The Beatles to the Scissor Sisters.

“We like playing different genres,” says Steph.

“Everything should be recognisable though – and there’s a few big numbers in the show which should get everyone involved!”

“Though you’ll just have to wait and see the show for yourself to find out what they are!”

The band have been rehearsing hard for their Fringe baptism and have performed a couple of shows in preparation.

“None of us have ever been to Edinburgh before. We’ve heard it’s crazy – thousands of acts!”

The Ukulele Project will be playing London at Christmas, but before that their plucking fingers are itching to bring their sound to the Fringe.

“We can’t wait!” says Steph. “We’re all so excited!”

Such youthful enthusiasm is infectious and hard to resist, and we’ll be catching their show early on its run and reporting back.

With their chosen instrument being in vogue at the moment, The Ukulele Project might just be one of those breakthrough shows that happen to be in the right place at just the right time.

And we can’t wait to hear them cover Electric 6…

You can buy tickets for The Ukulele Project on the Underbelly website.

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