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We consider ourselves lucky to be covering the Edinburgh music scene at a time when bands and promoters are not so much giving it a much-needed shot in the arm, as wiring it up to the mains and injecting it straight in the heart with adrenaline.

Get Loose Promotions

Get Loose Promotions

Cranking up the power further are Get Loose Promotions, a live music promotion company recently relocated from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

Run by the enthusiastic Paul McJimpsey and his committed staff, Get Loose Promotions has been in existence for around 5 years, putting on a string of gigs in the West and beyond, including selecting acts for the 1800 capacity Scooter Tent at 2008’s Wickerman Festival; and getting bands on the bill at legendary London venue The Dublin Castle, situtated in the heart of Camden Town.

“It’s all about getting bands exposure,” says Paul, now firmly settled in Edinburgh and itching to get his work here started.

“In Glasgow, I’ve put on gigs at venues like the ABC2, O2 Academy and Maggie Mays where I’ll select local bands to play on the bill alongside some great touring acts’s – that way, they get to play with bands they might not otherwise have had a chance to, and their fans get exposed to music they might not have heard before.

Everyone wins, really.”

Paul McJimpsey of Get Loose Promotions

Paul McJimpsey of Get Loose Promotions

Some of the acts Get Loose have booked over the years include : Pete Doherty, The Rascals, Alphabeat, The Redwalls, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Kassidy, The Law and The Bluetones to name but a few. Get Loose have also hosted aftershow parties, with DJ sets from some big names like The Streets, The View and Sunshine Underground.

Now he’s made the trip east, Paul has big plans for Get Loose Promotions in the city.

“I’ve been spending the last few weeks meeting people and getting to know the scene,” he says. “I’ve got the first gigs lined up now, with some great bands involved.”

He’s already secured gigs at Cabaret Voltaire, Bannermans and Henrys Cellars Bar, which he explains are designed to get exposure for everything from bands just starting out, through to big-name touring acts.

“The more fans the bands bring the better, it really adds to the overall atmosphere of the night if a band has a full house to play to” he says.

“And because I’m still promoting over 25 gigs a month in Glasgow, I’ll be giving bands the chance to play through there too. So bands who help me out with my Edinburgh gigs and make them succesful, will be taken care of when they venture out of Edinburgh to play for me in Glasgow/London.

“If a band goes down really well here, I’ll put them on 3rd on the bill at one of the gigs in Glasgow – giving them exposure through there, where the music scene’s pretty legendary.”

Though Paul hopes Edinburgh’s not too far behind.

“There’s some cracking bands here – Pose Victorious, 10;04’s, OK Social Club, The Void, CryOverBillionares…loads more too.”

“I’ve already got some of these bands gigs down in London through my connections there too,” he says.

“Basically, I’m all about getting bands out there. If they are a good band who put on a show for the audience, I’ll make sure they get the chance to play to a new crowd and increase their fanbase , whether it’s here, Glasgow or down south.”

And that can only be a good thing. Over the past few months, we’ve seen some great bands here that we’re confident could easily make it beyond the capital.

With the forward-thinking and well-connected Get Loose Promotions setting themselves up to give them that chance, we might just see some of our favourites hitting the big time…

Paul has already started booking gigs in Edinburgh, featuring some great bands including The Laymanites, Frantic Chant, Pose Victorious and The OK Social Club.

Check out Get Loose Promotions on Facebook to be kept up to speed with the latest news and gig details.

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