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Afternoon tea event


Did you know there was a super friendly bear living in Edinburgh?  His name is Baxterbear and he helps out at charity events, providing support and cuddles for those in attendance.  You can see when he’ll next be appearing in person on his events page.

Baxterbear has lived all over the world, but is calling Edinburgh his home at present.  He’s a very up to date bear in that he has a facebook page,  a twitter account  , a flickr page and his own youtube channel.  He even has his own online shop for all things Baxterbear.  Edinburgh Spotlight were lucky enough to catch up with Baxterbear (and his PA Daisy Tate) for a chat about Edinburgh.


Tell us a bit about yourself in a couple of sentences. 

I’m Baxterbear.  I’m a positive bear with a mission to make the world a better place.  I love shortbread and flying all over the world.  www.baxterbear.com
What do you love about Edinburgh?

I love Edinburgh for its history.  It is one of the oldest planned cities in Europe.  When the sun shines it is glorious.  I love the Edinburgh festival which creates such an amazing atmosphere every year.

What would you change about Edinburgh if you could?

I would put in a request that it didn’t rain quite so much.  And I’d make it bigger.  You can never have too much of a good thing.  Also, more places that sell shortbread would be much appreciated!   

Princes Street Gardens


What are your must sees in town for visitors?

My favourite building is the Scott Monument.  The view is amazing because it is 200ft and six inches tall.  My favourite place is Edinburgh Castle Esplanade!

Favourite Street or area and why?

My favourite streets are Princes Street, which was named for the then King’s George’s sons, George Street for himself, Queen Street for his Queen, then he named Rose Street for the English and Thistle Street for the Scots.  I like streets that have a story.  I also like the Royal Mile or High Street, even though it is confuddling that a street should have two names.


Where would we find you relaxing in Edinburgh ?

I would go to Edinburgh Castle to take in the views on a quiet evening or perhaps, visit Princes Street Gardens (which I call the magical Gardens) during the day.

When you are out of town, what do you miss about Edinburgh the most?

Aside from my favourite buildings, I miss the good friends I have in the city.  I have many friends all over the world, but I still believe that no matter where you travel, coming home is the best journey you can make.

If you had 24 hours in town before you had to leave forever, what would you do?

I would go to Edinburgh Castle, visit the zoo, especially as they’ve just got two new sunshine bears.  What could be more positive than a sunshine bear?

Edinburgh Castle

Any interesting stories you know about Edinburgh ?

Back in Edinburgh in the 1930s, there were trams just like the ones being put in now, but more exciting was that many people had milk delivered in a cart pulled by horses.  Once a week, early in the morning, the Milkmen used to race their horses along Princes Street to give them exercise.  The horses very much enjoyed this and the police on point duty used to stop the traffic for it to happen!

Sum up Edinburgh in 5 words or less.

Home city, Edinburgh Castle, Shortbread!  (Especially shortbread)

Thank you Baxterbear


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