Wild West Edinburgh, Morningside

Please see our updated 2015 article about this street. It’s unfortunately run down now.

Hidden in a street in Morningside, lies Edinburgh’s Wild West.  It was built in 1995/6 by Michael Faulkner as part of the ambience of the sales area for a furniture business, which specialised in Southwestern style.  There were a number of let units in ‘El Paso’ too, occupied by ceramists and other artists. The project took six months and by great stroke of good luck, one of the employees, and his very talented girlfriend, had worked on the construction of Euro Disney – hence the authentic paint effects and signage.

The site now lies as part of Edinburgh’s quirky character.  The old Springvalley cinema used to lie at the heart of this bizarre street – but only workshops and garages use the space today. You can visit at any time to take pictures and experience this amazing street for yourself and you will see that the door of the Cantina is still used as the fire door for Morningside library.

Many residents of Edinburgh don’t know this part of town exists – but definitely worth a visit.

Wild West Edinburgh

Hidden in Edinburgh

Worth a visit

Ideal for photoshoot

Look for the details

Hidden in Morningside

You can see more pictures from one of our readers on flickr – Morningside’s Wild West. Thanks Ruth.

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