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Fresh Tex Mex


Los Cardos has been open a couple of months now and is a welcome addition to the takeaway choices currently offered in Leith.  The bonus with Los Cardos is that you can actually eat at one of the few tables inside if you don’t live close enough to take the food home whilst still hot.  

I’ve been in Los Cardos twice now, but this review covers a visit earlier on this week, but the staff thought I was experiencing their food for the first time.  

My dining partner and I asked how the menu worked amongst many other questions and was given clear information by the staff who were friendly and patient.  I enquired as to how Macsween’s haggis works inside the usual Mexican suspects of fajitas, burritos and quesadillas – but was reassured it was very tasty.  

I couldn’t decide between trying the haggis and the juicy Aberdeen Angus steak, so the staff member said I could half n’ half which sounded like an excellent plan (£5.85).  A variety of soft drinks are available to accompany the Los Cardos food – priced around £1 each.  I was also allowed to taste the different salsas with a few corn chips to see how hot I could go (not very), which was great rather than risk ruining the meal as I’d gone one notch too hot.  

A few minutes later, I was presented with this quesadilla, filled with haggis and steak.  

Haggis and steak quesadilla


I sat at the table as my dining partner was still deciding on what to have.   The menu might appear basic –  but there are still a large number combinations to choose from.  

My haggis/steak quesadilla combo was a first for me and the filling was of generous size and piping hot.  The flavours worked well together and the steak had indeed been grilled to perfection.  I added lashings of sour cream and salsa on top and munched my way to ‘Fresh Mex’ happiness.  

Burrito goodness


My dining partner chose the basic burrito with black beans and some guacamole, cheese and salsa, £4.95.  He went for the super hot sauce, so I stayed clear of tasting his dinner but he assured me that the contents were excellent. 

You can of course, pick and choose your combinations to make it a healthy choice should you wish and do without the sour cream etc.  Tracy Giffen who runs Griffen Fitness suggests a healthy option which is trying lots of beans in a bowl with no tortilla, no rice, grilled peppers and guacamole, then verde salsa, salad and just a sprinkle of cheese on top.   This combination demonstrates how Los Cardos food can be done without the calories of normal takeaway. 

Verdict?  Excellent quality ‘Fresh Mex’ food at reasonable prices with friendly and efficient service 

You can join Los Cardos’s facebook page and follow them on twitter.     

Location: 281 Leith Walk     Phone: 0131 555 6619
Opening hours, Mon – Thurs: 12:00 – 21:00  Fri – Sat:  12:00 – 22:00  Sun: 12:00 – 20:00

Suitable for disabled?   Yes, on ground level access.  

Great food in Leith

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