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Scrap Brain

Scrap Brain

Myke, Stew and Angie firmly believe their diverse tastes are what make Scrap Brain work.

“I guess the stuff I like could be called a bit mainstream,” says band frontwoman Angie, namechecking The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Kills and PJ Harvey.

“Where these guys,” she says, pointing to guitarist & keyboard player Myke and drummer Stew, “like the pretentious rubbish!”

They laugh together as mates, showing it’s not just a shared love of alternative guitar-based music that keeps Scrap Brain together.

Myke of Scrap Brain

Myke of Scrap Brain

“Stew and I formed Scrap Brain in summer last year,” says Myke. “We had a few singers in the band before we saw Angie at an open mic night.”

“We were impressed with what we heard, so we spoke to her after her slot. She agreed to come to a rehearsal and blew us away – not only did she come along with her own lyrics to sing, but her energy was fantastic. She was a natural fit.”

“I suppose I’ve always been a frontwoman,” says Angie, grinning. She’s studying music at college and has sung in several bands, but fronting Scrap Brain allows her passion for music and her onstage persona to flourish.

“I love that loud quiet loud thing,” she says. “And I get caught up in the music.”

She’s putting it mildly.

Live, Angie’s chaotic onstage abandonment ensures Scrap Brain are as exciting to watch as they are to listen to. She also provides a perfect front to Stew’s sledgehammer rhythms and Myke’s sometimes off-kilter sounds.

“I like to experiment with different things,” Myke says. “With the keyboard, I never use any pre-programmed stuff – a lot of the things I stumble across accidentally.”

Stew of Scrap Brain

Stew of Scrap Brain

Stew shares that view. “Sometimes at gigs, other drummers will come up and ask me why I’ve set my kit up the way I have,” he says. “I’ve picked up drumming as I went along, and I suppose I have what you’d call a unique style and setup. But it works for me.”

Whilst Angie has her studies to keep her busy when not punching cymbals onstage, both the guys also have other duties beyond Scrap Brain.

Stew drums for another band, Casino Queen, as well as undertaking recording for Scrap Brain; and Myke plays in The Remnant Kings as well as running The Edinburgh Rock Network, a successful website featuring news, reviews and interviews with bands on the local scene.

“There’s so much out there,” says Myke, referring to the Edinburgh scene he knows so well. “There can be a bit of reluctance for people to go along to a gig and take a chance on a band they’ve not seen though.”

It’s a common observation – and unfortunately a true one. Whilst Edinburgh does indeed have more than its fair share of great bands, they can often struggle to fill venues or get their music heard beyond people who are already fans.

Bands as genuine, passionate and downright exciting as Scrap Brain however deserve to be seen and heard by as many people as possible.

Angie of Scrap Brain

Angie of Scrap Brain

Check them out on myspace and facebook; and follow them on Twitter.

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