INTERVIEW – March Her To Norway

March Her To Norway

March Her To Norway

Slightly damp and bedraggled after an outdoor photoshoot in typically Scottish summer weather, March Her To Norway sit back in the relative comfort of a coffee shop and talk about their music and their plans.

“Above all, we’re about having fun and playing live,” says vocalist and guitarist Andy. “And not sounding cheesy.”

“We play stuff like the music we used to listen to,” says Mike, drummer for the band. “Maybe some we shouldn’t really get away with! But I don’t think it’s cliquey – it’s not part of any scene.”

March Her To Norway have been playing their non-scene brand of power punk pop since March 2009, and their live shows demonstrate their passion and energy – as well as a great ear for a tune. Together with Andy & Mike, bassist Ewan completes the lineup, making MH2N a classic power trio belting out their music whenever they get a chance.

“We’re all influenced by different things,” says Andy. “We’ve got a collective approach to songwriting.”

Ewan of March Her To Norway

Ewan of March Her To Norway

Ewan nods, trying to shake off the ice cream headache from his chilled coffee.

“I even get ideas from classical music,” he says. “Some of the structures and tempo changes are inspired by that kind of thing.”

“And I bring the emo nonsense influence!” says Mike, grinning.

Their diverse tastes certainly don’t do them any harm, as they result in songs which have an immediacy and which are accessible to a wide audience – whether indie kids, emo kids, aging punks or people who just turn up.

“Edinburgh’s a great place to play,” says Andy. “There’s a bit of a gap though between the small venues like Henry’s and The Ark, and the big ones like The Picture House and the Corn Exchange. That jump is a bit of a challenge.”

Mike of March Her To Norway

Mike of March Her To Norway

“We’re keen to take our stuff out on the road to a wider audience,” he says. “We’ve got a couple of gigs in Glasgow lined up, and we’ll be taking our new material on the road around Scotland and the north of England as soon as it’s ready.”

MH2N are a hard-working lot. As well as a solid gigging schedule, they’ve also just put together a press pack and a website, as well as using the likes of Facebook, myspace and Twitter to promote themselves. As well as that, Mike plays in another band – Death Trap City – whilst Andy’s also concentrating on his solo acoustic material, which he’ll be touring in Canada next year.

But they’re all more than committed to the MH2N cause.

“We’ll be recording a new EP soon,” says Ewan. “And concentrating on playing live wherever and whenever we can.”

As the interview ends and they pore over plans and documents, it’s obvious that MH2N are a tight unit with a common goal – to take their passionate and powerful music out to as great an audience as possible.

And whichever direction they march off in next, they are definitely a band worth keeping up with.

Andy of March Her To Norway

Andy of March Her To Norway

Check out March Her To Norway’s website; see them on myspace; and follow them on facebook and twitter.

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