REVIEW – Transmit by Mike Inglis at Axolotl Gallery


The Fall by Mike Inglis

The Fall by Mike Inglis

The figures in Mike Inglis’ starkly graphic screenprints are faceless: features hidden by the empty blackness of space helmets. They stand awkwardly, as if being reprimanded for their very existence.

Floating next to them in these often startling compositions are icons of death, religion and urban culture. With titles like “The Fall” and “Narcosis” these are striking examples of interpretative art – where the viewer is challenged to derive meaning from symbolism pieced together cryptically like puzzles.

Large limited edition screenprints form the majority of the collection: bold pieces in black, white and red. Inspired by belief systems and personal experience, Inglis creates a vision of the old sitting uneasily with the new.

Early 20th century street signage hovers above the faceless figures; skeletal animals and blood red deer (a recurring motif based on Inglis witnessing an animal in its death throes following a vehicle collision) play at their feet whilst large emblazoned words like “delete” and “contain” beg more questions than they answer.

Works using other media are on display – screenprints on plywood boards and a strikingly evocative “Cigar Box Shrine” assemblage, a collection of found objects and pasted text used to create a mysteriously symbolic whole.

Most intriguing of all are the “Pharamaceutical Bottles” – small vials containing powders obtained by Inglis from a genuine voodoo priest in Amsterdam. Each is labelled with a small figurative print and claims to bestow positive energy to the owner. So, for only £20, you can not only own a unique piece of art from an individualistic artist, but potentially gain more spiritual benefits as well…

Transmit represents yet another successful installation at Axolotl, continuing its mission to showcase original new talent. With the introduction of each new artist to its body of exhibited work, it cements its place further as one of Edinburgh’s most exciting, innovative and rewarding galleries.

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