REVIEW – Olive Branch Bistro, Broughton Street

I have previously eaten the the Bruntsfield branch of the Oliver Branch Bistro and enjoyed the food, despite half of my dessert being missing;).  I was hoping that the Broughton Street branch would live up to expectations and I am pleased to report that it did.  Broughton Street serves breakfast before lunch service starts and it’s a great place to grab a window seat and watch the world go by.


This review is of an evening meal on a recent cool spring evening where we were looking for good food to fill my dining partner and I up.  The restaurant is dimly lit in the evening and it was a little hard to see the menu, but I spotted and ordered a goats cheese starter with, walnut, caramelised apple & beetroot salad at £5.95 whilst my dining partner plumped for the soup of the day with bread to warm him up, £3.80.

Goats cheese starter


I always veer towards goats cheese dishes for starter when they are on menus and this one didn’t disappoint.    For main course, my dining partner chose  Crombie’s of Edinburgh sausages, roast butternut squash mash with jus, £10.95 and left him with no complaints.  Crombie’s sausages feature on a lot of menus in restaurants across town due to their exceptional quality.

Crombies Sausages


I chose the dish of the day which was spicy cod which was seasoned wonderfully, extremely flaky and a near-perfect dish.  The portion size was ample, but I could have easily eaten another one due to the quality.   

Spicy cod


Dessert followed a brief break and I chose the cheesecake with fruit compote, £4.50 and am pleased to report that the style is how I think cheesecake should be baked, extremely creamy and fluffy with a thin biscuit base – American style.  

Perfect cheesecake


We were a good couple of hours in the restaurant and we weren’t rushed out despite having paid the bill.  I am returning shortly to this branch for their weekend brunch but whole heartedly recommend it for a meal, anytime of the day.  

Suitable for disabled?  Ground even access.

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