REVIEW – Afternoon tea at IKEA

This review has not been rated in terms of stars as normal as I’ve only visited it once.

I found myself slightly out of town earlier on this week as I took my friend sofa shopping (the joys).  Feeling peckish at 5pm, the new cafe at IKEA caught my eye, as did the afternoon tea for two offer at £9.99

We asked what was included and were told, a tea or coffee, a sandwich of our choice, a piece of  lemon drizzle cake, a piece of caramel shortbread and a cupcake.

The cake-heavy offer sounded more than ok to us, so we went to select our sandwiches but were told they had to be  from a certain shelf only, we didn’t have the free choice we thought we did.  We bizarrely had to put the sandwiches on a tray and take them to the till point for them to take them off and ‘arrange’ them for us.  Our drinks were collected at the till point which was plain tea (not allowed to choose herbal) and plain coffee (not allowed to choose a cappuccino).

We retreated with our drinks to one of the sofa areas and waited on our re-arranged sandwiches and feast of cakes arriving.  I made use of the free wifi which was secure and fast, but our drinks lost their temperature whilst waited on our food.

Afternoon tea at IKEA

We were presented with this silver stand  (which is available to buy in the market place for £13)  and delved into the sandwiches (egg mayonnaise and a vegetarian roast vegetables) and munched away with our now luke-warm drinks.

My camera and phone were lying amongst half the contents of my hand bag on the table as a staff member, who I believed to be some kind of manager walked past and said, “is it that good that you need to take photos?”  I pointed out we had only had the sandwiches but were looking forward to the cakes, despite the fact that the cupcakes were nowhere to be seen and had been replaced with cream scones.
He asked a member of staff where the cupcakes were and they replied that they had none left in the cafe, but said maybe they did in the restaurant.  The manager said he would go and check for me and I joked that half a cream scone does not make up for the missing cupcake.  The supplied caramel shortbread is also a bit of a con as it’s only 1 square, cut into 2 pieces.
I tucked into the lemon drizzle cake, which was perfectly moist and tangy without being too lemony.  Thankfully, we had a slice of drizzle cake each whilst manager came back to say he had no cupcakes left in the store.  I looked at him,  whilst subliminally telling him that this experience would be written up and shared with Edinburgh residents and asked if he would like to rectify the half-scone-for-cupcake scenario.  His answer?  I got a bargain as half a scone equals 2 cupcakes as they are so small! 
If he had cupcakes left, would he have added them to my tier and taken away my scone?  Either way, I was not impressed.
The caramel shortbread was actually quite tasty,  but I was still feeling let down due to it only being half a slice and no cupcake to devour.  The scone (singular) was eaten between the 2 of us and we were on our way to walk through the marketplace and try to avoid buying the 3 pack of scissors and candles that I always seem to get on my way out of the store.
Verdict?  At £10, the afternoon tea is quite a fair price, but would like to be given the full run down of what is and is not included.  The regular price of £16.50 for tow people in my opinion is not worth it, especially since you may or may not get your cupcakes and the quality of sandwiches and cakes is not that impressive.
Suitable for disabled?    Yes, IKEA is fully accessible with disabled bathrooms.
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