Readers in the Spotlight #11 – Michelle Thompson

1. Tell us a bit about yourself in a couple of sentences.   

My name is Michelle Thompson and I moved to Edinburgh 3 years ago.  I work in the city centre and love everything that Edinburgh has to offer.
2.  What do you love about the city?

I actually like the climate here!  Of course it can be miserable when it rains, but it’s not horrendously hot that you need air conditioning or too snowy in the winter that you spend your life shovelling snow.  I love the changes in the seasons in Edinburgh, everywhere looks so different depending on what time of year it is.
3.  What would you change about Edinburgh if you could?

Nothing, I like it the way it is, warts and all.
4.  What are your must sees in town for visitors?

All the beautiful green spaces as well as the tourist places.  Edinburgh is so green for a city – where else in the world can you nip out of the office for lunch and sit in beautiful gardens with a Castle backdrop?
5.  Favourite street or area and why?

Canonmills.  There’s such a lovely atmosphere down there and so close to the Botanics and Water of Leith.  There is also a wonderful selection of places to eat and hang out.

6.  Where would we find you relaxing in Edinburgh ?

I often relax in Moo Cafeteria at the weekend, but love spending an evening at The Orchard Bar before or after a walk in the Botanics.
7.  When you are out of town, what do you miss about Edinburgh the most?

Its size.  It’s small enough to get from A to B by walking and you can navigate around town by landmarks such as the Castle and Arthur’s Seat. 

8.  If you had 24 hours in town before you had to leave forever, what would you do?
I would go for a walk in Inverleith Park and the Botanics, followed by a huge lunch at The Orchard.  I would do all the tourist things on the Royal Mile that I’ve been meaning to do for years and catch a musical at the Playhouse.

9.  Any interesting stories you know about Edinburgh ?
Edinburgh is twinned with my home city of San Diego.

10.  Sum up Edinburgh in 5 words or less.

Exciting, vibrant, compact and my home.

Thank you Michelle

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