In the green room of Edinburgh’s Cabaret Voltaire, The Law are in confident mood.

“We love gigging,” says singer Stuart Purvey, standing in long black coat and scarf and brushing the hair from his eyes. “We create a great energy on stage, and the crowd seem to pick up on that.”

“Of course, we’re great as well,” he adds, smiling.

Stuart Purvey

Stuart Purvey

He’s only half-joking.

The Law deserve to have belief in their own talent. This talented and hard-working four-piece have risen through the ranks of Scottish indie guitar rock and are making waves far beyond their Dundee hometown.

Stevie Anderson

Stevie Anderson

Tonight, they’re headlining a gig put on by Edinburgh-based promoters We Luv Musik.

“We’ve played Edinburgh loads of times,” says guitarist Stevie Anderson sitting forward in his chair.

“It’s totally changed from when we started, there’s a great vibe here. Everything used to be happening in Glasgow a few years ago, but scenes move around. We put ourselves out in as many places as possible.”

That’s certainly true. The Law are a hard-gigging band and have recently returned from a short tours of Germany, and the US – where they also appeared at the SXSW music & interactive festival in Austin, Texas.

“America was phenomenal,” says Purvey. “LA in particular. A lot of folk say it’s a terrible place, but that’s rubbish – we absolutely loved it.”

“We’ve just played a couple of dates up north as well,” says drummer Martin Donald. “The crowd in Wick was fantastic, they were really up for it.”

“Aye,” says Martin’s brother in blood and rhythm, bass-player Simon. “Folk seem to really appreciate us making the effort to play places where a lot of bands don’t bother coming to.”

The Law released their debut LP – A Measure of Wealth – in 2009 and have been gigging it to within an inch of its life ever since. Recorded at the legendary Sawmills Studio in Cornwall (where Oasis’ Definitely Maybe was mastered), it recreates their powerful live sound and presence perfectly.

Songs like “Don’t Stop, Believe” and “The Chase” have seen them establish themselves as a band to watch and have gained steady airplay in the UK and the States. They’ve supported the likes of Ocean Colour Scene and Paul Weller – but also have a growing number of loyal fans of their own.

Martin & Simon Donald

Martin & Simon Donald

“We’ve got a real solid work ethic,” says Purvey. “That’s paid off with us getting loads of exposure – in America our stuff’s appeared on movie trailers [The Men Who Stare at Goats featured the band’s ‘Don’t Stop, Believe’] and loads of airplay on local radio.

“Our stuff’s also featured on the soundtrack of ‘Greek’,” says Anderson. “It’s like the US version of Hollyoaks!”

"It’s all about getting our music out there"

The rest of 2010 sees them continuing to take their mighty and melodic sound out on the road and hoping to play some festivals in the summer.

“It doesn’t matter where we play,” says Purvey. “It’s all about getting our music out there.”

And their dedication shows later that night, as The Law play a blinding set which goes down a storm. Their self-belief and attitude is ideally suited to a band who you’re guaranteed to hear a whole lot more of; and one of the most exciting and vital bands to come out of Scotland in a while.

So don’t stop – believe in The Law.

Check them out on their official site, on Myspace and on iTunes.

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